Solar hot water plonk on

Wholesale solar hot water system Supply, Plonk On and Installations for the building trade

We have developed a easy to use Envirosun Trade Solar Hot Water System ordering and booking app that keeps you updated throughout the process

  1. Simply log into your account

  2. Click through the Envirosun solar hot water system range,  Click on the service required

  3. Add job details and date required

  4. Upload plans and purchase orders

  5. Type in any notes you wish to add

  6. Hit the confirm button and your done

You will receive an email and a SMS alert every time anyone adds a note or any stage of your installation has been completed, along with photos of whats been done, serial numbers are recorded, every note and correspondence is held there, you can also add your chosen staff and/or contractors to your account and assign different people to any particular jobs

It is Apple and Android compatible and can be used on any device whether it be a desktop computer, tablet and phone, its so easy

This eliminates confusion and delays as its all there for everyone to see and comment on, alter dates and add or delete anything you want, we have simplified the solar hot water installation process in new home builds, renovations, townhouse and unit developments of all sizes.   The old mentality of solar hot water is too hard to worry about is now a thing of the past.


Roof mounted Solar Hot Water System Plonk On

  • Plonk on solar hot water tank and panels only
  • Plonk on solar hot water system + tails
  • Plonk on solar hot water system + tails +electrical isolator
  • Plonk on solar hot water system + full pipework and valves to ground level

Click on above “Plonk On” options to see inclusions

Split System Solar Hot Water Heater Plonk On

Click on above “Plonk On” options to see inclusions